Subject: Your CMIP5 plans and archive volume estimates

Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 17:57:00 -0800

From: Karl Taylor <>

To: Mats Bentsen <>, Helge Drange <>, Greg Flato <>, Seita Emori <>, Toru Nozawa <>, Jean-Francois Royer <>, Tony Hirst <>, Ronald Stouffer <>, "Gary L. Russell" <>, Gavin Schmidt <>, Tianjun Zhou <>, Evgeny Volodin <>, Jean-Louis Dufresne <>, Max Suarez <>, Shoji Kusunoki <>, Jerry Meehl <>, Yong Luo <>, Ying Xu <>, Seung-Ki Min <>, Wilhelm May <>, Silvio Gualdi <>, Shan Sun <>, Shuting Yang <>, Qingquan Li <>, Stephanie Legutke <>, Andreas Hense <>, Marco Giorgetta <>, Won-Tae Kwon <>, Julia Slingo <>, James Hurrell <>,, Tongwen Wu <>, Masahide Kimoto <>, Kamal Puri <>, Chris Jones <>, Mat Collins <>, Bin Wang <>, Jozef Syktus <>, Zaizhi Wang <>, Len Shaffrey <>, Isaac Held <>, Tom Delworth <>, Larry Horowitz <>, Wilco Hazeleger <>, Stephen Jeffrey <>, David Salas-Melia <>, Laurent Terray <>, Leon Rotstayn <>, John Hughes <>, Sandrine Bony <>, Arun Kumar <>, Michio Kawamiya <>, HJ Baek <>, YH Byun <>, Wenjie Dong <>, Yongjiu Dai <>, Bryan Lawrence <>, Thomas Stocker <>, St├ęphane Senesi <>

Dear all,

I have attached a spreadsheet (in two different formats; about 9 Mbytes each), which contains altered versions of the spreadsheets some of you sent me last year. I would like you to look at the spreadsheet(s) for your model(s) and update it (them) based on your plans to perform CMIP5 simulations during the next several years.

Search the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for your model(s). If your model is not there, you apparently failed to fill out the spreadsheet last time I sent out the request (more than a year ago), so enter the information for your model in the "template" spreadsheet (3rd tab from the left). Please make changes only to the shaded cells that are found in rows 1-110 and columns A - J. I have attached a pdf file that shows all the shaded cells that need to be filled in (or possibly updated) because some software will not preserve the shading if you import the ods file. [If your software can read the xlsx file, please edit it rather than the ods file.]

Please pay special attention to deciding on a "CMIP5 official model_id". We would like this i.d. to be permanent and to be used in all abbreviated references to your model (in publications and on websites, for example). Follow the directions for constructing these i.d.'s at the top of the worksheet.

Besides the model_id, everything else we expect will be educated guesses as to which runs you will actually complete and when they will be completed. When we estimate the volume of model output, we will only count simulations you plan to perform with 66% likelihood or higher (i.e., the ones you assign a "1" or a "2"). There two pairs of columns next to each experiment which will need to be filled in. You may leave blank any row in which you have no plans to perform the experiment. In the first pair of shaded columns, please enter the "likelihood" and planned ensemble size for simulations you plan to do before the end of 2011. In the next pair of columns, please enter the same information but include simulations that will be performed in subsequent years. Currently these two pairs of columns are identical because I assumed all your runs would be performed by the end of 2011, but feel free to alter the numbers.

More complete descriptions of the model experiments can be found at:

When you return the spreadsheet to me, you may remove any pages you did not alter, or simply tell me which pages you have changed. By the way, you can see the amount of space (in gbytes) that the requested output from your model will occupy in cell AO162 of the spreadsheet.

Thanks very much for your input, as this will help in making sure the data you produced will get the scientists who will analyze it. Don't be overly concerned with the accuracy of your input (except for the model_id). It's more important to provide rough estimates than it is to be perfectly accurate.

thanks again and best regards, Karl

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