Karl Taylor Email of 25 Aug. 2009

Subject: Terms of Use for CMIP data Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 18:07:34 -0700 From: Karl Taylor <taylor13@llnl.gov> To: Asgeir Sorteberg <asgeir.sorteberg@bjerknes.uib.no>, Helge Drange <helge.drange@nersc.no>, Greg Flato <gflato@ec.gc.ca>, Seita Emori <emori@nies.go.jp>, Toru Nozawa <nozawa@nies.go.jp>, Jean-Francois Royer <jean-francois.royer@meteo.fr>, Tony Hirst <Tony.Hirst@csiro.au>, Ronald Stouffer <Ronald.Stouffer@noaa.gov>, "Gary L. Russell" <Gary.L.Russell@nasa.gov>, Gavin Schmidt <gschmidt@giss.nasa.gov>, Tianjun Zhou <zhoutj@lasg.iap.ac.cn>, Evgeny Volodin <volodin@inm.ras.ru>, Jean-Louis Dufresne <Jean-Louis.Dufresne@lmd.jussieu.fr>, Max Suarez <Max.J.Suarez@nasa.gov>, Shoji Kusunoki <skusunok@mri-jma.go.jp>, Jerry Meehl <meehl@ucar.edu>, Yong Luo <yluo@cma.gov.cn>, Ying Xu <xuying@cma.gov.cn>, Seung-Ki Min <seung-ki.min@ec.gc.ca>, Wilhelm May <wm@dmi.dk>, Silvio Gualdi <gualdi@bo.ingv.it>, Shan Sun <ssun@giss.nasa.gov>, Shuting Yang <shuting@dmi.dk>, Qingquan Li <liqq@cma.gov.cn>, Stephanie Legutke <legutke@dkrz.de>, Andreas Hense <ahense@uni-bonn.de>, Marco Giorgetta <marco.giorgetta@zmaw.de>, Won-Tae Kwon <wontk@korea.kr>, Julia Slingo <J.M.Slingo@reading.ac.uk>, Peter Gent <gent@ucar.edu>, GFDL.Climate.Model.Info@noaa.gov, Tongwen Wu <twwu@cma.gov.cn>, Masahide Kimoto <kimoto@ccsr.u-tokyo.ac.jp>, Kamal Puri <K.Puri@bom.gov.au>, Chris Jones <chris.d.jones@metoffice.gov.uk>, Mat Collins <matthew.collins@metoffice.gov.uk>, Bin Wang <wab@lasg.iap.ac.cn>, Jozef Syktus <Jozef.Syktus@climatechange.qld.gov.au>, Zaizhi Wang <wzz@cma.gov.cn>, Len Shaffrey <L.C.Shaffrey@reading.ac.uk>, Isaac Held <Isaac.Held@noaa.gov>, Tom Delworth <Tom.Delworth@noaa.gov>, Larry Horowitz <larry.horowitz@noaa.gov>, Wilco Hazeleger <Wilco.Hazeleger@knmi.nl>, Stephen Jeffrey <Stephen.Jeffrey@climatechange.qld.gov.au>, David Salas-Melia <David.Salas@meteo.fr>, Laurent Terray <Laurent.Terray@cerfacs.fr>, Leon Rotstayn <Leon.Rotstayn@csiro.au>, John Hughes <john.hughes@metoffice.gov.uk>, Sandrine Bony <Sandrine.Bony@lmd.jussieu.fr>, Arun Kumar <Arun.Kumar@noaa.gov>

Dear CMIP participants:

The WCRP's Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM) will meet September 28-30. Based on your input, which is sought here, they plan to agree to "Terms of Use" for the CMIP5 data. They will also consider revising the "Terms of Use" for the CMIP3 data. Please respond to this poll at your earliest convenience and no later than September 14. Only one reply per modeling center is necessary. (If a WGCM member comes from your institution, please forward them this email and copy them on your reply.)

At the end of this email is a copy of the "Terms of Use" for the CMIP3 data. Not withstanding what is written there, some of the CMIP3 data is by law available for any purpose, including commercial uses (e.g., model output from U.S. modeling groups). We are beginning to receive more and more requests from scientists and others who want to use the CMIP3 data for purposes other than pure research. Attached is an example of a private company's request for access to CMIP data. I have already explained to them the current policy. I have heard many scientists and others outside the research community arguing for a more relaxed "Terms of Use".

For your information, I have also attached the "Terms of Use" governing the ENSEMBLES data.

At the request of the co-chairs of the WGCM, Jerry Meehl and Sandrine Bony, please provide responses to the following questions and the other information requested.

Your Name: Modeling Center:

1) Are you willing (or required by law) to allow unrestricted access to your CMIP model output (yes or no)?


2) If not, which of the following would be permissible use(s) of your CMIP data?

a) non-commercial research purposes (the current "terms of use" of CMIP3 output) b) educational purposes (at public and private schools) c) web postings based (in part at least) on analysis of CMIP output. (Some would claim this is non-peer-reviewed published research and should be allowed. We should expect that there are going to be individuals who given this opportunity will deliberately or naively publish information "based on the CMIP3 archive" that is wrong or misleading, but might carry the "authority" of being produced by the best climate models in the world.) d) for educational/entertainment purposes (e.g., free public lectures, public lectures with an admission charge, educational movies, Hollywood movies, etc.) e) mirroring the data outside the WGCM-authorized CMIP archive, but requiring registration and agreement to the "Terms of Use". f) sharing data with colleagues and other scientists without their explicit agreement to the "Terms of Use". g) adding "value" to the data (e.g., calculating a multi-model mean field) and making this derived product available for use by others under the same "Terms of Use" governing the original data.

[Enter here by letter all the items that you view as permissible use of the data.] CMIP3: CMIP5:

Please also comment on the following:

1) Should the "Terms of Use" for CMIP3 data be amended and relaxed once CMIP5 data become available?

2) Ms. Pierce (the CEO of Climate and Company; see attachment) indicated that she might be prepared to purchase the data from the individual modeling centers. Is this something that should be considered?

3) Any other comments?

Best regards, Karl

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