- NA2 telco (Mail von Joachim):

From: Joachim Biercamp <biercamp@dkrz.de> To: is-enes-na2@lists.enes.org CC: ojorba <oriol.jorba@bsc.es>, Bengt Persson <bpn@ifm.liu.se>

Dear collegues,

Giovanni and myself would like to invite you to have a telco for the IS-ENES work package NA2.

Purpose of the work package is

a) to share information about the work performed so far in the different tasks of NA2

b) to organize a face to face meeting for NA2 in early spring 2010. Possible locations for that meeting are Hamburg, Bologna or Lecce.

Please let us know your availability at http://www.doodle.com/3n6hszg4pimrdpdc

I will be on vacancy until Jan, 10th and will fix the date for the telco soon after my return. I wish all of you enjoyable Christmas days and a happy new year.


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